Membership Outreach Committee

The mission of this committee is to support ASTA’s strategic goal of maintaining a united industry membership.  The objective is to:

  • Enhance the membership experience by identifying and
    responding to member needs
  • Strengthen ASTA’s communications to the spice industry
  • Strategically use all forms of media to position ASTA as
    the voice of the industry
Membership Outreach Committee Member Roster 2022-2023
The committee is working to develop a strategic plan for work to be completed in the next year. Mike Bray, BCFoods
Frank Collette, Glendale Warehouse & Distribution Corp.
Rich Hamerschlag (Chair), Accurate Ingredients
Julia Hartwig, Joma Packaging
Joreg Mauelshagen, Pure Ground Ingredients
Colin Keating, Wixon, Inc.
Morten Lolland, ofi (olam food ingredients)
Pontus Mattsson, Silva International
John Minardi, (Board Liaison), Accurate Ingredients
Brijesh Krishnaswamy, ofi (olam food ingredients)
Melissa Roslawski, ofi (olam food ingredients)
Barry Sak, Pretium Packaging 
Tyler Sattich, Golden Hill Ingredients
Matthew Sommers, Jain Farm Fresh

ASTA Staff Liaisons
Meegan Kavanaugh
Margarita Passero