What We Do

The American Spice Trade Association represents the U.S. spice industry in the global market. The highest priority of ASTA and our members is ensuring the supply of pure, safe spice to American consumers. ASTA also works to shape public policy on behalf of the global industry and advance the business interests of our members.

ASTA promotes the value of spices in health, culture, and the economy. Spices are a flavorful part of a healthy diet, and there is a growing body of research on the potential for certain spices to improve health. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends using herbs and spices to flavor food cooked at home to reduce added sodium, sugar, and saturated fat. New research indicates that consuming spices may improve cardiovascular and metabolic health, provide antioxidants, and support the gut microbiome. The positive impact of spices extends well beyond health, as spices intersect cuisine and culture worldwide. Recipes passed down through generations strengthen familial bonds and connect people to heritage. Spices are also an integral part of the broader food and agricultural sector, which accounts for about one-fifth of the U.S. economy, supporting jobs and economic growth in both the developing and developed world through farming and trade. ASTA ensures spices remain integral within the American market to preserve meaningful cuisine and cultural experiences for all.

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