Check Sample Program

The ASTA Check Sample Program aims to strengthen laboratory credibility and promote high levels of accuracy within and among laboratories using standard analytical test methods for spices and herbs. The methods, such as ASTA’s Official Analytical Methods, provide a uniform way to measure results within and among laboratories. The program is designed to evaluate spice laboratories for a common range of analyses and spices significant to the spice trade. It allows individual laboratories to evaluate their performance and set goals for improvement and consistency in analyses.

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2024 participating labs can select from the following options:

  • Red Pepper Chemistry – HPLC Heat, ASTA Color, Water Activity
  • Black Pepper Chemistry – Volatile Oil, Moisture, Piperine, Water Activity
  • Oregano Chemistry – Total Ash, Acid Insoluble Ash, Moisture, Volatile Oil, Water

Program Details

The ASTA Check Sample Program is open to both members and non-members worldwide and is administered every quarter, with each laboratory receiving samples, instructions, and data reporting forms with each shipment. All of the studies are open for 30 days, during which time participants may enter their data via a secure online data entry website. Services are provided by BIPEA, a scientific and independent nonprofit organization providing proficiency testing programs and external reference materials for testing laboratories concerned by quality control and analytical accuracy.

Questions? Contact ASTA at [email protected].

Participant Resources

*As an ASTA program, the usage of ASTA’s Analytical Methods Manual is required. ASTA members may download individual methods for free or purchase a hard copy of the manual at the member rate. Non-members may purchase the manual at the non-member rate.

Video Instructions for Participants