ASTA’s Arbitration Program and ASTA Contracts

ASTA offers arbitration for disputes that may arise in transactions using an ASTA contract.

The ASTA Arbitration Program provides ASTA members an opportunity to resolve conflicts arising from business transactions provided that certain conditions are met.



ASTA Arbitration Program

ASTA Contracts

ASTA has a process that is provided as downloadable guidelines booklet. ASTA’s arbitration process is overseen by the Arbitration Board which is elected annually by the ASTA membership.To participate in an arbitration conducted under the ASTA Arbitration Program, at least one party must be a member in good standing of the American Spice Trade Association.


ASTA Contracts
The ASTA contracts are a benefit to ASTA members doing business in the spice trade, ASTA has developed sample contracts for use in the buying and selling of spice. ASTA contracts are available for ASTA members to use in the trading of spices. The use of the ASTA name or logo on an ASTA contract is a member benefit.

Non-members are not permitted to use the ASTA logo or represent themselves as being affiliated with ASTA.