General Publications and Resources

In the section you will find ASTA publications and other content available as resources for the spice industry.  More content will be developed for this section.


General Publications

Industry Resources

A Concise Guide to Spices, Herbs, Seeds, & Extracts
This 56-page guide is based on the highly specialized knowledge of members who work with spices. Their skills range from sourcing spices all over the world to importing, trading, purchasing, and analyzing and all facets of processing. For each product, information has been drawn from the ASTA members who are most familiar with the spice being presented. Although this guide would certainly be interesting to anyone who is curious about spices, it is designed primarily to be a reference for food industry and foodservice personnel.
Introduction to spices for new industry professionals
Do you have new employees who are just getting introduced to the spice industry? The Spice 101 web series covers the history of spices, an overview of the spice market, what spices are and where they come from, and critical issues in the spice industry today. The newest edition to the series, Spices 201 provides a focused overview of top traded spices, including the spice profile, growing regions, harvest information, global production, processing, uses, consumption, quality and regulatory information.
Spice Monographs
ASTA has developed a series of monographs on 14 spices. They include the definition, classifications, nutritional information, quality criteria, flavor chemistry and current and historical uses. The Monographs are available for purchase as a printed publication by both Members and Non-Members. The individual monographs of this publication are available for download by members for free.
World of Herbs & Spices Map
This is a 27.5″x20.4″colorful map depicting travel routes of spice explorers/traders, condensed history of herbs and spices, herbs and spices common names and botanical names, as well as which countries produce herbs and spices and their harvest dates. This is packaged in a tube and ready for framing.