ASTA Statement on FDA Cinnamon Recall

The following statement is attributable to Laura Shumow, executive director of the American Spice Trade Association (ASTA):

“The health, safety, and well-being of consumers is paramount, and ASTA takes the concerns raised by the FDA with the utmost seriousness. ASTA members applaud the FDA for steps it has taken in recent months to increase the testing and screening of cinnamon. And while we fully support the agency’s decision to remove from discount store shelves products that exceed accepted international regulatory standards and ASTA’s own guidance levels for lead in cinnamon, these recalls further highlight the need for FDA to establish action levels to facilitate industry compliance.

“ASTA has been actively engaged in discussions with the FDA over many months to thoroughly understand the nature and scope of this and previous recalls, ensuring industry cooperation. We value our collaborative working relationship with the FDA and our shared goal of taking necessary measures to safeguard public health. We look forward to continuing to be a resource for the FDA in promoting good manufacturing practices and supporting the agency’s Closer to Zero initiative.

“We understand and appreciate the concerns consumers may have about the safety of spices, including cinnamon given recent product recalls. That’s why ASTA members are fully committed to taking accountable, decisive, and transparent action to maintain, protect, and uphold the highest standards of spice quality and safety.”

Media Contact:

Laura Shumow, Executive Director, ASTA
[email protected]