ASTA Online 2021 Crop Reports

The Quarterly Crop Report updates were designed to align with the harvesting time of various crops to allow for more timely updates on what is happening with the different spice crops of interest to members. Crop reports presented as part of ASTA Online 2021 will kick-off the quarterly calendar and subsequent updates will follow throughout the year.

The fee for ASTA Online 2021 covers access to the quarterly virtual updates for all attendees.  However subsequent quarterly updates will only be available to ASTA members.

The quarterly updates will be presented in a variety of formats intended to provide more engaging and informative presentations.  A summary of the May 11, 2021 presentations beginning at 1:00 pm (Eastern time) is provided below.

Black pepper – This presentation will include a 10-minutes video update by IPC and a moderated panel discussion.

About the Speakers


Kerri Goad-Berrios
, Vice President Sales, Kalustyan (Moderator)

Juliano Câmara
, Managing Director and Founder, Coreimex

Charlie Gill, McCormick Global Ingredients Ltd.
Nikhil Joseph, VP Sales & Marketing, Nedspice

Kerri Berrios is the Vice President, Sales at Kalustyan Corporation. Kalustyan Corporation has been a global industry leader in ethically and sustainably sourced herbs and spices for over 70 years. Kerri has a 25-year career as a professional in the food industry. She began working at Kalustyan in 1996 and has experience in all aspects of importing, processing, bacteria reduction, and distribution of spice commodities.

Kerri oversees sales for multiple commodities, including black pepper, white pepper, red pepper, sage, and all other dry herbs and spices. At Kalustyan, she strives to form mutual relationships between industry companies to supply a safer, more savory finished product to the end consumer.

Kerri lives in New Jersey, with her husband Oscar and has two adult children, Alex and Gianna Marie. Kerri enjoys spending time doing home projects, gardening, crafting, and being with her family and cat, Jack.

Juliano Câmara is Managing Director and founder of The Brazilian Brokerage House COREIMEX Representações Ltda. Besides the brokerage business, in the last years, Mr. Camara is also focusing on the consultancy segment whereby represents multinational corporations for their procurement and sale’s purposes of products he is specialized. An extremely good understanding of the technicalities of the business, statistics, and market analysis is his strength in the business.

For about 17 years, Mr. Camara has worked in the spice sector as a commodity broker for multinationals organizations in Brazil as well as in Europe.

In 2015 he has been a speaker in the 1st Espírito Santo Pepper Workshop – Production & Market (Current Reality and Future Perspectives for Pepper) in the Federal University of Espírito Santo and in this same year Mr. Camara has presented Capability Supply of Brazilian Pepper to the World Pepper Market during the 43rd Annual Session of IPC held in Mysore, India. In 2018 he returned to make a presentation in the Brazilian Workshop and 2nd Espírito Santo Pepper Workshop – International Pepper Market (New Scenarios and Challenges) in the Federal University of Espírito Santo. In 2019 and 2020, Mr. Camara was deeply involved working together with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture as well as with ESA – European Spice Association and EU commission to revert on the situation of Import controls on black pepper from Brazil into Europe.

Mr. Camara is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, has lived, studied, and worked in the USA, Germany, and in The Netherlands, has Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with Specialization in Foreign by Faculdade Integrada do Ceará, and has Master’s Degree in Economics by Federal University of Ceara with the dissertation titled “Analysis of exports competitiveness of pepper from Pará state and Brazil in the period between 1997 to 2007 and its trade prospects”.

Charlie Gill Commodity Director at McCormick Global Ingredients Limited based in Cayman Islands. A key area of responsibility is the global sourcing of black pepper, white pepper, and cinnamon.

Responsible for the development and execution of strategies to deliver sustainable sourcing, innovation, and risk management for the McCormick regional business units.
I have over 25 years of procurement experience with a proven track record at HJ Heinz, Kraft Foods and most recently leading global sourcing at Whitworth’s Ltd. before joining McCormick in 2018. Charlie had been leading the global sourcing of coffee, dried fruit, and edible nuts from developed and emerging markets before moving onto spices.

Charlie is a graduate in Business Studies and Finance and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from Stafford University, England. Charlie is married with 3 children in the UK.


Nikhil Joseph is VP Sales and Marketing for Nedspice US Inc. Nedspice is a leading global ingredients corporation headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. With production facilities strategically located in the spice-growing regions of Vietnam and India, Nedspice focuses on delivering safe and completely processed food ingredients from growing regions to the food manufacturing industry worldwide.

After earning a post-graduate Masters in Business from Macquarie University, Sydney, Nikhil joined the international sales team at Nedspice India in early 2009. During this time he was involved in crop surveys, developing the supply chain for items such as black pepper, cumin seed and was part of the team that sowed the first seeds for what would become the Nedspice Farmers Partnership Programme, a sustainable and traceable spice farming program. Nikhil expatriated to Nedspice Group headquarters, Rotterdam in 2013 where he held increasingly responsible positions in sales and business development prior to transferring to Nedspice US in 2017.


Cassia, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace  – This traditional presentation will be 30 minutes.

About the Speaker



Ignatius (Tony) Martono is the Managing Director at True Spices Indonesia, PT. (TruSpices). Together with his two senior partners, Terry Runudalie and Sinar Sitepu, Tony cofounded TruSpices an Indonesian based spice company engaged in the selecting, processing, and exporting various whole spices – cloves, nutmeg, cassia, chili, cubeb, ginger, turmeric, long pepper, pepper, and more. In his current role, he is responsible as Director and Operational Executive of TruSpices in Surabaya.

Tony’s background in food technology focuses on the sustainability of food production, food safety, and food security, given the fact that global populations keeps increasing. At the same time, farming area and its output is limited and even decreasing globally.

Backed by his food technology and banking experience, Tony, along with Sinar, Terry, and the entire TruSpices team and supply chain, are now implementing sustainability improvement to balance the two sides of the TruSpices business equation. They hope to create demand, sales, and business development and drive excellence in Quality, operations, and fulfillment.

Tony’s close relationship with spice farmers, farmers, collectors, and local stakeholders also adds to TruSpice’s businesses.

Before setting up TruSpices, Tony was a seasoned commercial and corporate banker in several local and international banks for 13 years. His last position was Vice President of Commercial Banking in Rabobank, Indonesia, one of the leading banks specializing in the finance of food and agribusinesses.


Indian chilis – This traditional presentation will be 30 minutes.

About the Speaker



Mr. Shiraz H, is Assistant Vice President, Procurement, at AVT McCormick Ingredients Private Ltd, ASTA member since 1997.

Shiraz is based out of Cochin and has been with the company for over a year. In his current role, he leads a team of Category specialists and Agri experts, managing the sourcing and fulfillment operations of the company.

Shiraz has a rich background in business planning, strategic sourcing, and supply chain consulting. His area of expertise spans Agri-Business, Food, Pharma, and Process manufacturing. Over a career spanning 20 years, he has worked in leadership roles in India s large manufacturing companies playing key roles in several business transformation initiatives.

With AVT McCormick, he has been focused on shaping and driving initiatives to improve sustainability and quality across various crop value chains that support the company s product portfolio. He leads a team that is working on advances in Agri- tech to positively impact farmer livelihoods and generate added value through streamlined operations.

Shiraz studied biotechnology at IIT Madras in Chennai, and received an MBA from ISB Hyderabad.



U.S. and Chinese garlic – This presentation will be a 30-minute regional update presented by a moderated panel discussion.

About the Speakers


Suvan Sharma, CEO, Jain Farm Fresh Foods Ltd. (Moderator)
Mike Bray,
General Manager, North America, BC Foods

Hai Su, Business Manager, BC Foods
Vinayak Narain, Senior Vice President – Dehydrated Vegetables Olam Spices

Mike Bray has been working with BCFoods since 2003. Mike started his career with BCFoods as a Sales Manager and for the past 3 years has been the General Manager for the BCFoods North American division, helping to oversee the operations, sales, and P&L. BCFoods offers a wide array of industrial ingredients including a full line of dehydrated vegetables, herbs, and spices, produced from both their own BCFoods manufacturing facilities as well as long-term strategic partners around the globe.

Mike Graduated from Cal State Chico with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an emphasis in Marketing.
Outside of work, Mike enjoys spending time with his family outdoors including camping, biking, and catching the occasional fish.

Vinayak Narain is employed with Olam Spices & Vegetable Ingredients as Senior Vice President –Dehydrated Vegetables. Based in Fresno, CA, USA – he is Olam’s Global Product Head for the company’s Dehydrated Vegetables, Capsicums, and Purees business areas.

Vinayak currently has Product P&L responsibility for Olam’s global business in the abovementioned business areas and is closely involved in strategic planning for these businesses. He plays a critical role in guiding and coordinating efforts between agricultural services, manufacturing operations, supply chain, innovation, and quality assurance as well as the sales & marketing functions for the various product groups to achieve near as well as long term growth and resource productivity objectives set up by the company.

Vinayak is a result-oriented leader with over twenty-five years’ experience in B2B sales, customer relationship management, commodity trading, product line, and general management in both manufacturing and international trading environments. With proven expertise in leading businesses through start-ups, managing turnarounds, and achieving profitable growth, Vinayak’s key strengths lie in the development and execution of strategic and operating plans to improve profit margins and expanding market share, streamlining operations, and building cohesive productive teams that meet and exceed goals.

Before his stint in the Dehydrated vegetable business since 2008, Vinayak headed the Global spice operations for Olam for 5 years, based out of Singapore and Netherlands. Prior to this, he worked as head of the Indonesia Country operations for the Spices trading arm of Olam’s parent – The Kewalram Group from 1995-2003.

He is a Post Graduate in Business Management from S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, University of Mumbai – a leading business school in India.

Suvan Sharma, CEO, Jain Farm Fresh Foods, Inc USA





Hai Su is Director of Supply Chain for Onion and Garlic, Director of Agriculture, located at BCFoods Corporate, Santa Rosa, California, USA.  As the Director of Supply Chain of onion and garlic at BCFoods, he is responsible for sourcing raw materials especially from China and India improving the production process and conducting market analysis. Hai is also the manager of agricultural programs including implementation of sustainable agriculture, improvement of agricultural technology development of agricultural bases to establish vertical integration from field to finished products.

Hai received a Ph.D. degree from China Agricultural University in 1996 majoring in Plant Pathology. Worked in the biopesticide industry and led R&D projects to commercialize biopesticides. Also worked on projects of plant disease control, pesticide evaluation, and integrated pest management at international research institutes and universities.


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