Comments & Positions

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ASTA provides comments to U.S. agencies when issues impact the spice industry. See ASTA’s positions on key issues.



Food Safety Issues – ASTA has submitted comments on a wide range of issues concerning the safety of the food supply and trade issues involving duties on spice products.


Ethylene Oxide (EtO) – ASTA addresses the complexities of ethylene oxide (EtO) regulation in the United States. ASTA responds to federal policies and patchwork state legislation that pose disruptions to the steady supply of safe spices in the U.S. market.


Labeling – ASTA upholds food labeling policies based on contemporary scientific principles, advocating for standardization to protect consumers from misleading information and promote a clear understanding of the vital role of spices and herbs in a healthy diet.



Nutrition Policy – ASTA champions spices’ vital role in enhancing nutrient-dense foods consumption and intently advocates for nutrition policies informed by credible scientific research.


Supply Chain – ASTA fosters resolute supply chain responsibility and responsible agricultural sourcing standards in the global spices supply network to ensure U.S. consumers have access to clean, safe spices.


Heavy Metals – ASTA advocates for science-based standards to limit naturally-occurring heavy metals in spices. ASTA supports action levels that are harmonized with global regulatory standards, ensuring safety, compliance, and the uninterrupted supply of spices in the U.S. market.


Organic – ASTA embodies a longstanding commitment to promoting integrity in the organic spice supply chain, advocating for consistent organic standards, working to prevent organic fraud, and supporting the continued growth of the organic market.


Other Issues – As the need arises, ASTA submits comments on a variety of important issues to the spice industry.