2022 Check Sample Program Open for Registration

Registration for the 2022 Check Sample Program is now open. The ASTA Check Sample Program is designed to allow spice laboratories to evaluate a common range of analyses on spices that are significant to the spice trade. The program allows individual laboratories to evaluate their performance and set goals for improvement and consistency in analyses.

Participating labs can select from the following options:

  • Red Pepper Chemistry – HPLC Heat, ASTA Color, Water Activity
  • Black Pepper Chemistry – Volatile Oil, Moisture, Piperine, Water Activity
  • Oregano Chemistry – Total Ash, Acid Insoluble Ash, Moisture, Volatile Oil, Water
  • Black Pepper Salmonella— 2nd & 4th Quarter Only
  • Quality Control Chemistry Samples

To participate in the 2022 program, register by January 24, 2022.