White Papers

White papers are documents concerning issues of importance to the spice industry

Tshutterstock_146560184he white papers provide background information on an issue, as well as current information and details about ASTA activities. If you have questions about any of the white papers on this page, please contact ASTA at in[email protected]



California Proposition 65 and Spices
California Proposition 65 or “Prop 65”, calls for consumer product labeling or warnings in the workplace for substances determined to be carcinogens or reproductive toxins. A small number of California Prop 65-listed substances are relevant to the spice industry. Although there have been very few enforcement actions involving spices in the 30 years that Prop 65 has been in force, information and awareness of the requirements of Prop 65 and the application of exemptions from its warning requirements are helpful in successfully addressing Prop 65 concerns of the spice industry and its customers. This white paper provides information on Prop 65 as well as links to additional resources that may be helpful.

Download California Proposition 65 and Spices PDF version

Microbial Safety in Spices
A number of well publicized salmonella outbreaks traced to food have heightened public awareness of the need to ensure food safety programs are in place.  This white paper looks at the role microbiological testing can play.

Download Microbial Safety in Spices PDF version

Process Validation
One of the five key recommendations in ASTA’s Clean, Safe Spices Guidance is to use validated microbial reduction techniques.  ASTA’s new white paper provides an overview of essential elements for companies to consider in developing programs to validate the microbial reduction processes they use.

Download Process Validation PDF version

Sudan Red and Related Dyes
Sudan Red is a dye used primarily in the leather and fabric industries and is not approved for use in food. In 2003, the European Food Authority found Sudan Red in capsicums from India. In 2005, the dye was found in Worcester sauce and products containing it in the U.K., resulting in a massive and expensive recall.  The white paper provides an overview of the situation and steps that were taken to prevent future incidents involving the dyes.

Download Sudan Red and Related Dyes PDF version

Poppy Seed White Paper
Poppy seeds for use as food are imported into the U.S. The poppy seed white paper provides information on the current laws on poppy seeds as well as potential legislation that would affect poppy seeds not used as food.

Download Poppy Seed White Paper PDF version