George Todd, Kalsec

I remember when ASTA was primarily a venue for buyers and sellers…a great networking venue. ASTA still is a great networking venue, but it has a new and welcome focus on trade issues, particularly in the regulatory arena where ASTA has a much greater presence with regulators than any individual company could ever have.

Pepe Sabater, Ramon Sabater, S.A.

I remember when International Members went to the Convention mostly for holidays with a chance to meet U.S. customers. In today’s globalized marketplace, the ASTA Annual Meeting is an important forum even for those without direct business interests in the U.S, because of the information being exchanged.

Roger Lawrence, McCormick & Company, Inc.

I remember when ASTA was insular. Today ASTA is more connected and engaged in so many ways….internationally, with other trade associations, with FDA and other Federal agencies, and with all of our stakeholders.  The result is an association acting proactively on behalf of its membership.

David Solomon, BDS Natural Products

I remember when the ASTA Meeting was the main opportunity to do business…before email, cell phones and readily available travel overseas there wasn’t a lot of direct communication with suppliers.  Today there is still business being done at the meeting, but the biggest focus is on the issues facing the trade.

Marty Mitchell, Certified Laboratories

I remember when ASTA’s Annual Meeting was an excuse to go to nice places and meet with old friends and customers. Today’s Annual Meeting is a forum for education, networking and dealing with the concerns and interests of the spice industry.