The Microbiology of Spices – An ASTA Webinar Series

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Everyone in the spice industry has a role in food safety and should have basic knowledge of the microbiological risks common to spices. FDA officials have stated that they are focused on Salmonella and this new ASTA series will provide the tools for people in all positions at your company to gain the knowledge they need commensurate with their position.

The first part of the series will be broken down into two 45-minute sessions.  Registration for this series will be offered as follows.


If you missed the first two sessions in the series, you can now purchase the recording.   There is still time to participate in the remainder of the series.  

Series Pricing (Recordings will be available for purchase at a later date for those that do not pay to attend)

Member Pricing Non-Member Pricing
 Control $125 Control $325
Testing $125 Testing $325
Purchase Entire Series $400 Purchase Entire Series $950


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Webinar Topic

Description of Webinar Session

Recording available for purchase Intro to Microbiology of Spices
Part I
These two 45 minute sessions are designed to give the non-microbiologists in your company an overview of FDA’s concerns, a broad understanding of potential points of contamination, key concepts in microbiology and how problems can be controlled or reduced.  These sessions will also feature basics in testing and the role testing plays in risk management as well as the importance of process validation and verification…all with an eye toward complying with the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).
Recording available for purchase Intro to Microbiology of Spices
Part II
Wednesday, November 5 11:00 am (Eastern Time) Effective Methods to Control Microbes in Spices This 45 minute session will provide an overview of existing microbial reduction technologies, including advantages and disadvantages of each.  Participants will also learn the expectations that FDA has for process validation and look at key issues in the supply chain, including critical control points.
Wednesday, December 3
11:00 am (Eastern Time)
The Role of Testing The final 45 minute session will focus on the role of testing in microbiological control.  Participants will learn about key tests and when to use them and gain an understanding of sampling protocols.  This session will also provide an explanation of variations in standard methodology and provide a perspective on microbiological specifications in other countries.

About the Speaker:

Dickson_JimcroppedJames S. Dickson (Jim), Professor
Iowa State University
Department of Animal Science, Inter-Departmental Program in Microbiology
Dr. Dickson is currently a Professor in the Department of Animal Science and the Inter-Departmental Program in Microbiology at Iowa State University.  Dr. Dickson’s research focuses on the control of bacteria of public health significance in foods of animal origin.  Prior to his appointment at Iowa State University in 1993, he was employed by USDA-ARS as a Research Food Technologist and lead scientist of the Meat Safety Assurance Program, located at the Roman L. Hruska U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, NE. Dr. Dickson was employed in the food industry for three years before joining USDA-ARS.

He is a Fellow in the American Academy of Microbiology, and is a Past President of the International Association for Food Protection. He is also active in the American Society for Microbiology and the Institute of Food Technologists.  On behalf of ASTA, Dr. Dickson conducted a scientific review of the FDA’s Draft Risk Profile on Pathogens and Filth in Spices and presented his perspective at the 2014 ASTA Annual Meeting.