ASTA Webinar on What Spice Companies Need to Do to Comply with New GMO Labeling Rules

In December 2018, USDA released new requirements related to the disclosure of bioengineered (a.k.a. “GMO”) foods that will go into effect early next year. Although spices are not currently bioengineered, many common ingredients used with spices – such as oils, carriers, starches, sugars – may be considered to be bioengineered foods. Manufacturers that use any ingredients from foods on the “bioengineered list”, which includes corn, soy, canola, potato, sugarbeet, will either need to disclose that the food is bioengineered or maintain documentation demonstrating that the food is not bioengineered. Be prepared to answer questions your customers may have about your ingredients!

Don’t miss ASTA’s Executive Director Laura Shumow and Government Relations Director Jessica Skerritt as they provide answers to questions on this topic.

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