What We Do

iStock_000062003460_LargeMission Statement

ASTA works to ensure the supply of clean, safe spice, shape public policy on behalf of the global industry and advance the business interests of its members.

 Vision Statement

The voice of the U.S. spice industry in the global market.


ASTA’s Strategic Goals

Advocacy – Representing US industry interests and supporting regulatory compliance.

A. Domestic – Maintain relationships with US agencies to collaborate and influence.

B. International – Build relations and collaborate with international organizations.

C. Horizon Scanning – Continuously scan to identify and position US spice industry issues.

D. Regulatory Compliance – Enhance member understanding and support their compliance through ASTA’s benefits, education and resources.

Food Safety – Facilitating food safety through research and education.

A. Resources – Provide the tools and resources to facilitate food safety understanding and compliance.

B. Horizon Scanning – Maintain open channels to collect and be alert to food safety issues.

C. International – Collaborate with international organizations to identify and address food safety issues.

D. Research – Promote access to research and testing to support industry standards of excellence.

Strong Association – Maintaining a united industry membership.

A. Membership Value – Enhance the membership experience and value through US and international recruitment.

B. Leadership – Develop the leadership necessary to guide US spice industry and to take resolute positions.

C. Networking – Facilitate robust networking opportunities for members.

D. Communications – Strategically use all forms of media, improve industry awareness, and consider potential for consumer marketing initiatives.