shutterstock_143215912By working with other organizations that share the same objectives on an issue, ASTA can have a stronger voice in the public policy arena. ASTA is a member of a number of industry coalitions.


Alliance for a Stronger FDA
Funding for the FDA has not kept pace with its additional responsibilities. Recently it has been especially evident that the FDA needs more resources to fulfill its mission. The Alliance is working with Congress to build support for more congressional funding for the FDA.

GMA Food Safety Coalition
GMA’s FSMA Coalition consists of over 175 stakeholders from U.S.-based and foreign trade associations and food safety representatives located at Washington D.C.-based embassies.  This group meets to share key concerns and ensure the consistency of industry messages on FSMA related matters.

The Crop Life America Food and Beverage Subcommittee
The Crop Life America Food and Beverage Subcommittee works to increase understanding and cooperation between international food and beverage companies and associations with the plant science and crop protection community to identify opportunities that support the continued production of safe, sustainable and affordable agricultural products that meet the needs of our consumers. The Subcommittee serves as a forum through which food and beverage stakeholders can help advance regulatory approval, consumer acceptance and international harmonization of new and existing crop science technologies based on a rigorous, science-based process.  These efforts will serve to reduce trade barriers while ensuring the availability of sustainable solutions to global food production needs.

Food Industry Codex Coalition
The FICC  monitors and reviews activities at the Codex Alimentarius Commission and meets regularly with the U.S. delegation to Codex to review U.S. positions and ensure industry views are represented.

Depending on the issue, ASTA works with a variety of food related associations. Below are links to some of these associations.