shutterstock_146522153ASTA advocates on behalf of the American spice industry, ensuring lawmakers and regulators understand the views of ASTA members as policy decisions are made.

On behalf of the spice industry, ASTA provides a voice and critical link to regulators and lawmakers on the federal level (and state level as necessary), and proactively on a variety of issues of importance to the spice trade.  Information on issues ASTA is currently monitoring, positions taken in the past, and items of interest are included in this section.

ASTA Advocate is focused on providing the latest information on U.S. legislative and regulatory issues that impact the spice industry.

Comments and Letters
ASTA submits comments and letters on proposed rules and legislation and meets with government officials as part of our effort to make sure that the spice industry is at the table and actively participating as decisions are made on compliance and enforcement issues. Learn about ASTA’s specific advocacy efforts here.

ASTA partners with other organizations in coalitions when possible to be part of a larger voice and have a greater impact.