Membership Outreach Committee

The mission of this committee is to support ASTA’s strategic goal of maintaining a united industry membership.  The objective is to:

  • Enhance the membership experience by identifying and
    responding to member needs
  • Strengthen ASTA’s communications to the spice industry
  • Strategically use all forms of media to position ASTA as
    the voice of the industry
Membership Outreach Committee Member Roster 2019-2020
The committee is working to develop a strategic plan
for work to be completed int he next year.


Kamal Baig, Griffith Foods
Mike Bray, BC Foods
Frank Collette, Glendale Warehouse & Distribution
Steph Clark, NSF International
Gaspare Colletti, Cell Foods Inc.
Troy Dryden, Chesapeake Spice Co., LLC
Richard Hamerschlag, Accurate Ingredients
Colin Keating, Wixon, Inc.
Pontus Mattsson, (Co-Chair and Board Liaison), Silva International
John Minardi, Jain Farm Fresh
Christina Pandullo, McCormick & Company., Inc.
Melissa Roslawski, Olam
Jill Russell, (Co-Chair and Board Liaison), Olam
Tyler Sattich, Worlee Naturproduckte GMBH

ASTA Staff Liaisons
Meegan Kavanaugh
Margarita Passero
Laura Shumow